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Std WhatsThis.svg Std WhatsThis

Menu location
Help → What's This?
Default shortcut
Shift + F1
Introduced in version
See also
Online help, User hub, Help menu


This Std WhatsThis tool provides information on a command by running the Std Online Help command, and opening its corresponding documentation page.

How to use

  1. Press the Std WhatsThis.svg What's This button.
  2. Click on a toolbar icon or on a menu entry.

Note: Some commands are not documented, in that case the offline help will open on a blank page and report that the page could not be found.

Documentation files

On Debian/Ubuntu and possibly other Linux systems, the offline documentation may not be included with the main FreeCAD package, and may need to be installed separately.

The package may be named freecad-doc or freecad-daily-doc for the freecad-daily PPA.