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Std ViewTop.svg Std ViewTop

Menu location
View → Standard views → Top
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
ViewFront, ViewRight


Std ViewTop puts the camera in the 3D view looking down from above, in the direction of the negative Z axis, [0.0, 0.0, -1.0].

FreeCAD views front.svg

The top view sets the camera looking down, in the direction of the negative Z axis.

How to use

  • Go to the menu View → Standard views → Std ViewTop.svg Top.
  • Or press the Std ViewTop.svg Top button.
  • Or press 2 in the numerical pad of the keyboard.


The top view can be set from the Python console.

It is a method of the ActiveView of the ActiveDocument. The ActiveView only exists when the graphical interface is available; it does not exist when FreeCAD is used in purely console mode.

import FreeCADGui as Gui