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In FreeCAD the word "Part" is normally used to refer to a Std Part (App::Part class), a type of container object that is defined by the base system. This Part is used to manage the position of 3D shapes in order to create mechanical assemblies.

See Std Part for more information about this type of object.

How to use

The Std Part tool is not defined by a particular workbench, but by the base system, thus it is found in the structure toolbar, which is available in all workbenches.

  1. Press the Std Part.svg Std Part button. An empty Part is created and automatically becomes active.


In informal usage, a "Part" may be any geometrical figure that is visible in the 3D view, and thus its concept may be confused with that of "Body".

However, when more precision is required, the distinction must be made.

  • A "Body" is used for single contiguous elements, usually created with the Part or PartDesign Workbenches.
  • A "Part" is used to group a single "Body", or several of them to form an assembly.
    • A "Part" has a collection of "Shapes", but doesn't have a "Shape" of its own.