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Workbench Image.svg


Bildmodulen hanterar olika typer av bitmapp bilder, och låter dig öppna dem i FreeCAD. För närvarande, så kan modulen öppna .bmp, .jpg, .png och .xpm filformat i ett separat visningsfönster. Det finns också ett verktyg som tillåter dig att fånga bilder från en webcam.

Currently, the module supports opening BMP, JPG, PNG, and XPM file formats.


  • Image-import.svg Open: open an image on a new viewport.
  • Image-import-to-plane.svg Import to plane: import an image to a plane in the 3D view.
  • Image-scale.svg Scaling: scale an image imported to a plane.


  • Like a Sketch, an imported image can be attached to one of the main planes XY, XZ, or YZ, and given a positive or negative offset.
  • The image is imported with relation of 1 pixel to 1 millimeter.
  • The recommendation is to have the imported image at a reasonable resolution.


A major use of this workbench is tracing over the image, with the Draft or Sketcher tools, in order to generate a solid body based on the contours of the image.

Tracing over an image works best if the image has a small negative offset, for example, -0.1 mm, from the working plane. This means that the image will be slightly behind the plane where you draw your 2D geometry, so you won't draw on the image itself.

The offset of the image can be set during import, or changed later through its properties.