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Std Export.svg Std Export

Menu location
File → Export
Default shortcut
Ctrl + E
Introduced in version
See also
Import, Open


This is the standard command to export objects inside a FreeCAD document to other file formats. A selection must be made before launching the command.


  1. Select objects to export, either in the Model tree or in the 3D view using box selection.
  2. Go to File → Export or press the Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut
  3. Select the file type
  4. Type a name
  5. Press the Save button.

For supported file types, see Import Export.


Options for some file formats can be defined in Edit → Preferences → Import-Export.

Tips and limitations

  • When exporting a single part, you should usually select only the last object at the bottom of the Model tree.
  • On some Linux systems for packages built independently from the FreeCAD project, it may be necessary to manually type the file extension.
  • A mesh object cannot be directly exported to a CAD format (STEP, IGES, BREP). It must be converted to a shape and/or a solid first, see the Import from STL or OBJ tutorial.

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