Std BoxElementSelection

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Std BoxElementSelection.svg Std BoxElementSelection

Menu location
Edit → Box element selection
Default shortcut
Shift + E
Introduced in version
See also
Std SelectAll, Std BoxSelection, Part BoxSelection, Fit Selection


Std BoxElementSelection.svg Std BoxElementSelection allows you to select the vertices of the objects in the 3D view by dragging a box.

Use Part BoxSelection.svg Part BoxSelection if you want to select only the faces of an object, and Std BoxSelection.svg Std BoxSelection if you want to select the entire shape.


  1. Invoke the command several ways:
    • Use the EditStd BoxElementSelection.svg Box selection entry from the top menu.
    • Use the Shift + E keyboard shortcut
  2. Drag the box from left to right or right to left to only select the objects touching or crossing the border of the box.