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Workbench Plot.svg


The Plot Workbench allows the user to edit and save output plots created from other workbenches and tools.

With the Plot workbench you can edit the working area, the axes, labels, titles, line styles, and other elements of plots.

The Plot workbench is an abstraction of the matplotlib Python library conveniently adapted for FreeCAD. To use the Plot functions, the version of matplotlib installed in your system should match the Python version that FreeCAD uses, that is, if FreeCAD uses Python 2.7, you should have matplotlib for the same version.


  • Plot Save.png Save plot: Saves the plot in several formats. You can select the output size and resolution too.
  • Plot Axes.png Axes: Add, remove or edit plot axes.
  • Plot Series.png Series: Edit series title and styling.
  • Plot Grid.png Grid: Show/hide grid.
  • Plot Legend.png Legend: Show/hide legend.
  • Plot Labels.png Labels: Edit labels.
  • Plot Positions.png Positions: Set elements positions.

==Scripting== Since Plot module is a layer over matplotlib, you are free to use all matplotlib commands over plot instances. See scripting examples section to see examples.