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Path ToolLibraryEdit.png Path EditToolsTable

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Path → Tool Manager
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The tooltable editor allows to edit the different tools of the tooltable contained in the machine object of a Path Job. This tooltable is used by the different operations contained in the project to obtain necessary informations about the current tool.

It serves for the selection of a tool which you want to use in your job as well.


The handling is straight forward:

  • Import...: Imports a tooltable from an XML-file.

This is currently partly broken and does not work if you have never had an xml file before.

  • Export...: Exports the tooltable to an XML-file.
  • New Tool: opens a dialog where you can enter the parameters of your tool. See Path NewTool
  • Delete: deletes the currently selected lines.

The tools are deleted from your tooltable even if you cancel the dialog


  1. Select a Path Job
  2. Press the Path ToolLibraryEdit.png Tool Manager button
  3. Create new tools or adjust the properties of existing tools