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Menu location
Path → Path Dressup → Boundary Dress-up
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Path_DressupTag, Path_DressupRampEntry


Boundary dress-up allows restricting the extent of a path to a smaller part of the object. For example, restricting a profile path to just one face or part of the model.


  1. Select a path such as contour, profile or pocket operation
  2. click the Path Dressup.svg Boundary Dress-up menu item


  • Create Box
  • Create Cylinder
  • Extend Model's Boundary Box
  • Use Existing Solid


  • The default option : Extend Model's Boundary Box will not allow a box that does not include at least all of the body (i.e. negative values are ignored).
  • The Create Box option only sets the dimensions of the box, not its origin. To alter its origin it is necessary to adjust its Placement in the [tree view].
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