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FEM MaterialSolid.png FEM MaterialSolid

Menu location
Model → FEM material for solid
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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FEM tutorial


Adds material properties to a part.

How to use

  • Click on FEM MaterialSolid.png or choose ModelFEM MaterialSolid.png FEM material for solid from the top menu.
  • Double click the created FEM MaterialSolid.png SolidMaterial object


    • Select a material. For engineering mecanical analysis, CalculiX-Steel is a typical option.
    • Provided that you are applying material to the whole object, don't select any geometrical entities (leave reference list empty). Material will be applied to whole model. Otherwise assign material to particular model parts manually by selecting some of them for each inserted material, but don't leave any part of the model without material assigned.
    • You can adjust material properties such as density, young's modulus, poisson ratio, etc., however most of the common materials are already available in the presets and they don't need any tweaking.
    • If you make modifications, you can save your customized material.
  • Click Close to close the dialog and create FEM MaterialSolid.png SolidMaterial object



  1. The mechanical material uses the *MATERIAL card in CalculiX. Details about the mechanical material is explained at http://web.mit.edu/calculix_v2.7/CalculiX/ccx_2.7/doc/ccx/node216.html