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0001841ArchBugpublic2015-01-03 18:09
ReporterbofhjrAssigned Toyorik 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformanyOSanyOS Versionany
Product Version0.14 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001841: Clone of window cannot be fully aggregated into host wall
DescriptionFreecad is unable to calculate the clone subvolume :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/me/src/git/free-cad-code/build/Mod/Arch/", line 473, in execute
    base = self.processSubShapes(obj,base,pl)
  File "/home/me/src/git/free-cad-code/build/Mod/Arch/", line 584, in processSubShapes
    f = o.Proxy.getSubVolume(o)
<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: _Clone instance has no attribute 'getSubVolume'
Steps To ReproduceSee attached file : the clone window is within the wall group but no opening can be created for it.
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2014-12-01 00:39


ProblemeCLoneWindowSubVolume.fcstd (Attachment missing)


2014-12-02 04:12


0001-Aggrgation-Mur-clones-rec-de-fenetres.patch (Attachment missing)


2014-12-02 04:13


0002-rendre-getSubvolume-seulement-applicable-aux-fenetre.patch (Attachment missing)


2014-12-02 04:28

reporter   ~0005349

I tried to correct the problem : see the two last filesI uploaded (0001-XXX and 0002-YY)...

These files are git patch files against the last head commit (640c9cbf8b5ac7811badd5ffd06aa65a5feb95ca).

What I did is first to add a getSubvolume method to the _Clone class in and nexy to correct some tests against window types in

I defined also a method isCLoneRec in as I plan to use at least two levels of windiw clones .e. "Clone of Clone of window").

Next I corrected an unrelated typo in ArchComponent (one use of "placemen" instead of "placement").




2014-12-03 23:59

administrator   ~0005353

Cool, thanks for the work! I'll review and merge this ASAP.

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FreeCAD: master 9b9526e4

2015-01-03 18:40:02


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Arch: fixed behaviour of clones of windows - fixes 0001841 Affected Issues
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2014-12-02 04:13 bofhjr File Added: 0002-rendre-getSubvolume-seulement-applicable-aux-fenetre.patch
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