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Summary0001921: Drawing view hidden lines and stroke-dasharray

It looks like ATM this is controlled by hard coded value of stroke-dasharray="0.02,0.1" and that is why this does not scale all that good:


P.S. If this gets fixed i was wondering if now would be appropriate time to get Drawing WB preferences page with hidden line stroke-dasharray settings in it. It's not much but after all DW has improved a lot in past few months and there is dimensioning extension available... Now might be the good time to break the ice and introduce rudimentary DW preferences page!
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2015-01-16 21:12

developer   ~0005664

There are actually 3 hardcoded values:

Hidden lines (probably vertical or horizontal) + smooth hidden lines on drawing page can have 3 variations. From technical drawing point of view all 3 hidden line types should have the same dashed line and as suggested drawing view scale above/below 1 should not scale them.

Indeed stroke-width does get calculated and inserted based on drawing view scale:

If this feature request is implemented Drawing WB will get the ability to set correct hidden line linetype. That is something currently not possible and post-procesing has to be used instead.


2017-02-02 00:30

administrator   ~0008159

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> - Line style/weight preference changes are planned (in TechDraw)
Per @wandererfan in
Context: Drawing is planned to be deprecated after 0.17 in favor of TechDraw
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2018-09-16 11:42

manager   ~0011754

Drawing WB has extensive preference pages now.

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