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0001880DrawingFeaturepublic2017-02-07 13:23
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Summary0001880: Show/hide drawing template structure
DescriptionAdditional blank set of standard drawing template sizes would not be needed if drawing template could be made in a way its structure could be turned on/off with drawing page property.

I did some quick experiments and for example adding style attribute visibility to drawing template can control individual SVG element visibility in QtSvg viewer. Custom code/tags could be alternative approach.
Additional InformationOrthographic projection tool probably should not use working space and title block information if drawing template structure would be set to off.
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2015-01-11 21:01

developer   ~0005617

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Some additional notes for future reference.

With QtSvg were DOM manipulation is not supported checking elementExists and deciding to show/hide its structure would probably be the way to do it:

There could be a set of SVG ids FreeCAD would recognize if set in drawing template and a GUI tool/property editor to turn them on/off from inside FreeCAD. For example defining id:


Note that there is an issue of pre-set working space/title block tags information left that does not change dynamically and its used by DW orthographic projection tool. After working on drawing templates i had a thought:

Id for:


Would be quite nice. Default templates could have FreeCAD logo and symbols to define if a projection is either Third Angle (right) or First Angle (left) in it and user (or orthographic projection tool) could easily turn it on/off. The reason i didn't add FreeCAD logo or projection symbol to default set of ISO7200 templates was because user can't control (visibility) it from inside FreeCAD.


2015-01-11 21:23

developer   ~0005619

"Note that there is an issue of pre-set working space/title block tags information left that does not change dynamically and its used by DW orthographic projection tool."

Well probably "quite easy" to solve.

freecad-titleblock set to off -> DW orthographic projection tool shouldn't use <!-- Title block X1a Y1a X2a Y2a --> tag.

freecad-drawing-border set to off -> DW orthographic projection tool shouldn't use <!-- Working space X1 Y1 X2 Y2 --> tag.

ATM that would translate to having 5 to 6 blank A size drawing templates less in drop down menu.


2015-01-11 23:54

developer   ~0005625

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"freecad-drawing-border set to off -> DW orthographic projection tool shouldn't use <!-- Working space X1 Y1 X2 Y2 --> tag."

Well not quite true.

For optimal DW orthographic projection tool experience working space tag needs to be declared.

If it isn't declared (at least at the moment) DW orthographic projection tool doesn't automatically take the whole page width/height in the consideration instead it uses some pre-set values.

Maybe it could be extended like this:

<!-- Working space PW PH X1 Y1 X2 Y2 -->

PW = page width
PH = page hight

And if freecad-drawing-border is set to off -> DW orthographic projection tool should use PW and PH information if set to ON then X1 Y1 X2 Y2 information is used instead.


2017-02-01 23:09

administrator   ~0008153

@Jee-Bee writes in
> In Pro-E i used this for sending drawings to laser cutting companies. where the last page was an 1:1 model without paper so they can use it as dxf

@Wandererfan responds:
> So this is about dxf (or svg,pdf,...) export, not display on screen or print out? That makes some sense.

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