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Summary0001867: Use QtWebKit (QWebView) instead of QtSvg for DW drawing area
DescriptionECMA scripts and DOM manipulation would be possible/supported? Adding interactive support to DW drawing area would become quite easy?

What would be the obvious shortcomings? Has this ever been attempted before?

P.S. I know it was in a way decided to move away from SVG in "next" DW but would it be possible to reuse the work Luke did on adding support to "update" drawing when object is modified (back-end) and use QtWebKit (QWebView) for displaying the result and achieve interactive behaviour (front end). The reason i am asking this is i started using Drawing Dimensioning WB:

And it is quite interactive with current DW. Using QtWebKit would make this easier?

Anyway Drawing Dimensioning WB:

- No parametric updating, if the drawing is updated the dimensions need to be redone

This is what Luke tackled in his DW and from this feature request point of view i was wondering if it would make sense and it would be possible to combine best of both worlds. Combine improved back-end from "next" DW with more capable SVG front-end QtWebKit.
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2014-12-21 03:31

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As far as I know, Luke's work uses heavily QtSVG. I don't know how easy it would be to adapt to QWebkit...


2015-04-24 10:27

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Heads up for any future planing regarding using web stack provided by Qt in FreeCAD:

ATM it looks like QtWebKit will probably be replaced by QtWebEngine:

ATM distributions like Fedora or Debian are not willing to provide QtWebEngine by default:

Nothing is set in stone and i am sure mayor issues will be sorted out over time but in the future FreeCAD will use whatever Qt will provide at that time and it looks like QtWebKit won't be provided by Qt anymore.


2017-01-12 16:54

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qtwebengine is available in Debian;msg=46 as of 8-Jan-2017


2017-02-01 22:54

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