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0001822DrawingBugpublic2017-08-21 06:17
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Summary0001822: Scale factor property in drawing page limited to one digit (sometime two)
DescriptionWhen I try to make a 2D sketch with measurements in 'Drawing Mod' I am often obliged to review all automatic scales of projected page views in additions of the ones in measurements because I am limited to 1 digit (sometimes 2 digits but I do not have found why).
Steps To ReproduceWhen you choose "insert orthogonal projection" you are faced in bottom dialog with a scale factor you could setup with as many digits you want (eg. 0,245) but after command got finished - every projected view in page is limited to a one digit scale factor (real 0,245 was applied but you read 0,2).

So you take your measurements and set scale factor to 0,2 ... which give bad projection ... it should have allowed all time me to set scale to 0,245000 (for example) !

Additional InformationIf this property was directly linked to preference draft "internal precision digits", I could understand but mine is '3'.

Scale factors should have their own "internal precision digits" because when setting up a 2D sketch from something having several meters ... how will you do ?



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2014-11-10 19:00

developer   ~0005302

> Scale factors should have their own "internal precision digits" because when setting up a 2D sketch from something having several meters.
If the relation of the size of the drawing and the size of the model is arbitrary, we should even allow to use the scientific notation or fractions.


2014-12-04 12:55

administrator   ~0005356

The number of decimals can be set in the preferences under General > Units.


2017-08-21 06:17

administrator   ~0009971

It's just a matter of setting the needed number of decimals in the settings.

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