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 NAppThe FreeCAD Aplication layer
 NArchComponentThe base class of all Arch objects
 NArchPanelThe Panel object and tools
 NArchSectionPlaneThe Section plane object and tools
 NArchSpaceThe Space object and tools
 NArchStructureThe Structure object and tools
 NArchVRMThe Arch Vector Rendering Module
 NAttacherAttacher.h, Attacher.cpp contain the functionality of deriving placement from a set of geometric subelements
 NAttacherGuiAttacherTexts.h, .cpp - files that contain user-friendly translatable names of attachment modes, as well as help texts, and the like
 NBaseBasic structures used by other FreeCAD components
 NDraftGuiGUI elements and utilities of the Draft workbench
 NDraftSnapSnapping system used by Draft & Arch workbenches
 NDraftToolsGUI Commands of the Draft workbench
 NDraftTrackersCustom Pivy-based objects used by the Draft workbench
 NGuiThe FreeCAD Graphical interface layer