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Additional tool to add many macros with a single action.
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Additional tool that lets you install and manage many macros with a single action. It is composed of two parts: Plugin Loader and Plugin Manager. This plugin also updates itself!

Plugin Loader Plugin Manager

Requirements and Limitations

  • yaml Parser.
  • For windows and macos the yaml file must be modified and should work too.
  • For each software package there is a description with name, internet-soure, local destination directory and all information we later need too (checksum, dependencies etc. ).

Linux note

  • To install yaml
sudo apt-get install python-yaml 
  • To install the you need write access to that directory: /usr/lib/freecad/Mod/plugins/
    • If you are the only user of your pc
sudo chmod a+rw /usr/lib/freecad/Mod/plugins/
sudo chmod a+rw /usr/lib/freecad/Mod/ 
    • if you work in a multiuser environment you still have to run the installations under root-access.

Pluginloader is a Dock Window. You find it under menu View -> views -> pluginloader and can activate it. The other parameter you find under menu -> Tools -> Edit parameters. Plugins ==> showdock - this should be set to True


  • create the directory AppHomePath/Mod/plugins
  • download the zipfile of the complete project to your computer.
  • unzip it - you will get a directotry freecad-pluginloader-master
  • move the content of this directory into AppHomePath/Mod/plugins
  • you can modify this file if you want: pluginloaderconfig.yaml
  • You can also use this script, it makes the same: installer
  • Copy and paste into the FreeCAD python comsole window
  • It works on Linux.


  • You can customize pluginmanger to your own needs (will be translated): [1]


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