FreeCAD is primarily a 3D modelling tool. There are times, however, when we must produce 2D drawings for documentation, contracts, permits, etc. The TechDraw workbench is used to produce basic technical drawings based on the 3D model. Each drawing is a Page, and a Page contains many Views of individual 3D objects. Dimensions and hatched areas can be added to Views.

Note if your primary goal is the production of complex 2D drawings, you may wish to consider a dedicated tool such as LibreCad, QCad, TurboCad, etc.

Pages and Views

These are tools for creating Pages and Views.

  • TechDraw New Default.png New Default: Adds a new Page using the default Template.
  • TechDraw New Pick.png New Pick: Adds a new Page using a selected Template.
  • Techdraw-view.png New View: Adds a 2D View of a single Part.
  • Techdraw-multiview.png New Multi: Adds a View of multiple Parts from a single direction.
  • Techdraw-projgroup.png New Projection Group: Invokes a dialog for creating Views of a single Part from multiple directions.
  • Techdraw-viewsection.png New Section: Adds a cross-section View of a Part.
  • Techdraw-viewdetail.png New Detail: Adds a detail View of a portion of a Part.
  • Techdraw-annotation.png New Annotation: Adds a text block to a Page.
  • Techdraw-draft-view.png New Draft: Adds a View of a Draft module object.
  • Techdraw-arch-view.png New Arch: Adds a View of a Arch module Section Plane object.


These are tools for working with Dimensions


These are tools for exporting Pages to other applications and including objects from other applications.


These are tools for changing the appearance of Pages and Views

  • Techdraw-hatch.png Hatch Area: Applies a hatch pattern from a file to a Face.
  • Techdraw-geomhatch.png Geometric Hatch: Hatches a Face using an Autodesk PAT specification.
  • Techdraw-toggleframe.png Toggle Frames: Turns View frames and labels on or off in a Page.

Preference settings

The TechDraw module has a preferences screen to adjust default values.


The TechDraw module features a Python API so you can use its functions in scripts and macros.


  • TechDraw is very much still in development. You should expect bugs!
  • If you want to know what's going on in TechDraw development, look at the Roadmap
  • TechDraw drawings and Python API are not interchangeable with the Drawing module. It is possible to convert Drawing Pages to TechDraw Pages using Python ( It is possible to have both TechDraw and Drawing Pages in the same FreeCAD document.
  • There are minor differences in specifying Editable Texts in Templates compared to the Drawing module.
  • TechDraw has not yet been extensively tested with the new PartDesign Body construct. To insert a view of an object created by PartDesignNext, you must select the Body in the tree, not the Part.
  • TechDraw is available starting with FreeCAD 0.17.


  • None required at the moment.

Keep up with TechDraw plans and developments. Visit the TechDraw Roadmap.

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