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This tool upgrades selected objects in different ways. If no object is selected, you will be invited to select one.

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How to use

  1. Select one or more objects you wish to upgrade
  2. Press the Draft Upgrade.png Draft Upgrade button or press U then P keys


The selected objects are modified/upgraded according to the following conditions (in order):

  • if there are more than one face in the selection, the faces are merged (union)
  • if there is only one face in the selection, nothing is done
  • if there is only one open wire in the selection, it gets closed
  • if there are only edges in the selection, all edges are joined into a wire (closed if possible)
  • if none of the above is possible, a compound object is created


The upgrade tool can be used from python scripts and macros like this:

Draft.upgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None) 
  • Upgrades the given object(s) (can be an object or a list of objects).
  • If delete is True, old objects are deleted.
  • The force attribute can be used to force a certain way of upgrading. It can be: makeCompound, closeGroupWires, makeSolid, closeWire, turnToParts, makeFusion, makeShell, makeFaces, draftify, joinFaces, makeSketchFace, makeWires
  • Returns a dictionnary containing two lists, a list of new objects and a list of objects to be deleted

Some of the operations of the Upgrade tool can also be made with the Part Union or Draft Wire tools.


import Draft
mycircle = Draft.makeCircle(2)
face1 = Draft.upgrade([mycircle],True) 
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