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Draft → Stretch
Draft, Arch
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Draft Offset


This tool allows to stretch an object by moving some of its vertices.

Draft Stretch Example.jpg

How to use

  1. Select objects you wish to stretch
  2. Press the Draft Stretch.png Draft Stretch button
  3. Pick the first corner of a selection rectangle
  4. Pick the opposite corner of the selection rectangle. The selected vertices get highlighted
  5. Pick the first point of the displacement you wish to give to these vertices
  6. Pick the end point of the displacement


  • If no object is selected when starting the command, you will be invited to pick one. But to work on more than one object, you need to have them selected before starting the command.
  • So far, only Draft Wire, Draft Line, Draft BSpline, Draft BezCurve and Draft Rectangle objects will have their individual vertices stretched. All other objects will have their origin point moved if it is inside the selection rectangle.


The Stretch tool has no direct python function because all it does is modify properties of the selected objects, such as the Placement or Points properties of Draft objects. By looking at the python output when using the stretch tool, it is easy to reproduce its working manually.

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