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Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Constrain distance
Sketcher, PartDesign
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Constraint HorizontalDistance, Constraint VerticalDistance


Constraint Length constrains the length of a line, the perpendicular distance between a point and a line or the distance between two points to have a specified value.


If applicable please consider using the Horizontal Distance or Vertical Distance constraints instead. These constraints are more robust and faster to calculate than the here documented length constraint.


Select a line in the sketch,
by clicking on the line (it turns dark green).
Apply the Length Constraint by selecting the icon Constraint Length.png from the Sketcher Constraints toolbar or selecting the Constrain distance menu item from the Sketcher Constraints sub-menu of the Sketcher menu item in the Sketcher workbench (or Part Design in the Part Design workbench).
The length of the line is constrained to its current value.Double clicking on the constraint in the 3D view or in the Tasks tab of the Combo View will bring up a dialog box to allow the constraint value to be edited.
Enter the required value and click OK to set the constraint length.
The Length Constraint also constrains the distance between a line and a point.
Select the line and a point in the sketch,
then apply the constraint as before.
The perpendicular distance between the point and the line is constrained to its current value. this may be edited as described above to set the constraint to a desired value.
The constraint may also be applied to two points, selected here at either end of a poly-line.
Applying the constraint as before, the distance between the two selected points is constrained. As described above it may be edited to set a desired value.

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