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This tool places in the current Document a section plane gizmo, which defines a section or view plane. The gizmo take his placement according to the current Draft Working Plane and can be relocated and reoriented by moving and rotating it, until it describes the 2D view you want to obtain. The Section plane object will only consider objects that were selected when it got created. Objects can later be added or removed from a SectionPlane object with the Arch Add and Arch Remove tools.

Upon creation, SectionPlane objects also insert a view of themselves into the active Drawing page, or create a new page if none exist. You can also add views of Section planes directly in the document, by using the Draft Shape2DView tool with a section plane selected.

Arch SectionPlane example.jpg

How to use

  1. Set the Draft Working Plane
  2. Select objects you want to be included in your section view
  3. Press the Arch SectionPlane.png SectionPlane button or press S then P keys
  4. Move/rotate the Section Plane into correct position
  5. Press the Std Recompute.png Recompute button to update the view


  • With a section plane object selected, use the Draft Shape2DView tool to create a shape object representing the section view in the document

Arch Section example2.jpg

  • Create additional views of a section plane by selecting it, then using the Draft Drawing tool

Arch Section example3.jpg


  • VIEWDisplay Size: The size of the section plane gizmo in the 3D view


The Section Plane tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

makeSectionPlane ([objectslist]) 
Creates a Section plane objects including the given objects.


import FreeCAD, Draft, Arch
trace = Draft.makeLine(FreeCAD.Vector (0, 0, 0),FreeCAD.Vector (2, 2, 0))
wall = Arch.makeWall(trace,width=0.1,height=1,align="Center")
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