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Summary0001632: Allow entering of diameter instead of radius for circle radius constraint.
DescriptionWhen adding a radius constraint to a circle, it would be useful to be able to switch to entering the diameter instead of the radius, when the documentation from which I generate the constraints only provides diameters. No more division by 2 in my head ;-)

One could simply add a drop-down "radius","diameter" to the dialog box asking for the radius.


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2014-07-23 19:33mghansen256New Issue


2014-07-23 21:19

administrator   ~0004842

Given that you have to enter an odd value as diameter e.g. "22.126 mm" then the workaround is to write "22.126/2 mm" instead.

Additionally the diameter constraint can be supported, too. This however will be a new constraint type with is own symbol in the 3d view. Just replacing the current radius input with a diameter input and doing the division by 2 internally might be confusing because in the 3d view something different is shown that the user may not expect.


2014-07-25 17:27

reporter   ~0004858

I'd like to implement this. I'll try to get a patch submitted in the next day or two.
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2017-02-09 21:15

manager   ~0008255

@ngallaher ping
Still interested in making a patch?
2017-02-09 21:16Kunda1Tag Attached: #lowhangingfruit

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